Indian Cushion Cover Trends for Year 2018

Are you thinking about replacing your old cushion covers to give your room a brand new look? If the answer is yes, then 2018 presents a great opportunity to give wings to your home decor fantasies. To make it easier for you to lay your hands on top quality Indian Cushion Covers, we at Royal DecoFurnishing offer a perfect solution!

We are renowned for offering high quality cushion as well as pillow covers to our esteemed customers so that they can smoothly give a luxurious appeal to their homes. Every one desires to give their house a unique majestic feel, and one of the easiest ways to do is by introducing new cushion covers that are designed keeping your royal personality in mind.

To give your home the much needed makeover this new year, we present to you the upcoming trends in Indian Cushion Covers that are topping the charts this season:

Brocade Cushion Covers

Who doesn’t love the sophisticated brocade patterns, and when you get them on cushion covers, it gives you a perfect chance to lift up the appeal of your living room, bedroom or where ever kept on sofas, seats, couch, chair or any outdoor furniture. These cushion veils look lovely and simply give your room a posh look. When searching for a fun way to amp up the exquisiteness of your room, without making it look overdone, then brocade cushion covers definitely make an ideal selection. Brocade cushion as well as pillow covers are a magnificent way to enhance the look of your room by simply adding a royal touch to it in a striking way.

Brocade Cushion Covers

Swarovski Crystal Cushion Covers

These are the most exotic types of cushion covers that go far in adding a luxury factor to your room fluently. Sparkling crystals in various designer patterns on catchy cushion covers make a top notch addition to your imperial abode. If you want to buy Swarovski crystal cushion covers online to lift up the appeal of your home, then you must check out our exhaustive variety to surely find something that matches your regal interior designing choice. These cushions offer the easiest way to give your room a lavish look and to depict your luxury living at best.

Swarovski Crystal Cushion Covers

Hand embroidered Cushion Covers

If you want to give your room a traditional appearance while syncing it with the modern home décor styles, then hand embroidered cushion covers are a great way to do so without making any major changes to your living space. These cushion veils give a unique modish, cultural appearance to your room; and the designs available in this category are truly impressive. Cushion covers with different patterns of Indian embroidery are an amazing way to make your room appear matchless and regal when kept on your sofa sets, diwans, couch or any other furniture . Choosing an embroidery style that goes well with the home decor theme of your room can easily highlight the true beauty of your house in an effortless manner.

Hand embroidered Cushion Covers

Plain solid cushion covers

Be it anywhere colourful cushions are always a gem to watch and feel on any furniture and are always in trend .These Plain solid colourful cushion cases cab be used in the day to day life as well as can set the mood or theme of the party on special occasions. They look very attractive when kept in an assorted way and are quickly becoming a hot favourite for new age home decoration.

Plain solid cushion covers

Bolster cushion covers

This type of Indian cushion covers work wonderfully well to give a royal appearance to your home. Their unique design and exceptional charm is something that makes them a very special addition to any Diwan Set, Beds, Sofas or anywhere in living space. We take pride in offering a large variety of cushion covers exclusively designed for these pillows as well as cushions. All the cushion covers provided by us are of high quality and do not compromise with your comfort. These are available in multiple alluring designs and catchy colors that make them a perfect pick for indoor and also outdoor sittings.

buy bolster covers online

Following these top trending home decor patterns you can effortlessly augment the look of your room in a way that it leaves a lasting impression on your guests. All the above listed styles go exceptionally well with today’s modern style of home decor, making it appear even more captivating and charismatic.

All these Indian cushion covers are a gorgeous addition to any home! These do not only look extremely beautiful, but are also highly comfortable and relaxing. They make an impeccable choice to escalate the royal appeal of your room by complementing your high class furniture at best.

Come explore our enthralling variety of Indian pillow covers as well as cushion veils to get something to renovate your room in your regal style in 2018. New year goes hand in hand with new looks, so why not take it a notch further by redoing your home decor with these attractive covers.

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Colorful pop in my Living room

Very nice colors and shades, Looking to order some more and tell my friends too. Thank you for the Lovely Pieces.

- Neha janpandit (Tv Actress) Mumbai

Excellent! No one believes its an online buy

Everyone Appreciates my cushion covers & ask me from where did i buy them. I want in more colors & designs, My sister also wants them. No one believes its an online purchase. Thanks a Ton.

- Nishtha Bushan (Housewife) Delhi


This store has become a one stop shop for my needs in tasteful furnishings. Ordering, delivery & after sales relations maintained by the team are credit worthy. The patterns, motifs & color schemes are so well coordinated and totally in league with contemporary decor. Its great shopping with you guys.

- Seema Gupta Leekha (Housewife) Gurgaon

Quality is something to cherish

After a lot of frustrating searches online and in stores, I was genuinely impressed (and rather relieved) with the designs I found at RoyalDeco, and chose several products for our hotel renovation project. At first I found the brand a bit on the expensive side, but after understanding its attention to quality and durability along with tasteful aesthetics, I felt the products were certainly worth the price. The team was also very warm, open and extremely cooperative with offering customisation options, best prices and timely delivery. While all their work looks gorgeous, I would like to particularly applaud the Jamawar design for its unmistakably stunning royal look!

- Mahima Bedi ( Owner, Hotel Centre Point) Jodhpur