With a blend of exposed steel and rustic wood, industrial decor is one of the favorite design styles for its ability to achieve aesthetic balance. It is simultaneously organic and engineered, bold and refined, masculine and feminine. Think monochromatic with well-chosen organic or earthy accents in an industrial interior design.. Metal-based tones, like steel and iron, play a heavy part in Industrial design as do oxidation-inspired reds and blues. The addition of whites and natural wood soften and balance the palette.

Whether you plan on resurrecting an old space or want to add industrial flair in your current one, there are some easy ways to incorporate this stripped-back design in your home.

So here Royal DecoFurnishing brings the combo of Industrial tone solid cushion covers inspired from Industrial interior designs. The combo of 5 shades {Black Automotive, Modern White, Brown Mahogany (Wooden Tone), Steel Blue, Metallic Grey, Coffee Brown (Wooden Tone)} will give you the perfect outlook for Flats, Residential Houses, Offices, Apartments, restaurants, lounges that choose to decorate in the particular theme. The industrial furniture revolves around Wood and Metal and thats correct often you see wood and metal shades incorporated into the same furniture pieces.e to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.


12"x12" inches (30×30 Cms), 16"x16" inches (40×40 Cms), 18"x18" inches (45×45 Cms), 20"x20" inches (50×50 Cms), 24"x24" inches (60×60 Cms)




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