Bagh-e-Bahar, this indigenous design is inspired from The Sikkim Spruce, The Kashmiri Cypress and The Himalayan Birch (all Trees) and it brings the romance of luscious gardens (Bagh) alive to your home in the form of Cushions.

It takes you on a mystical journey through the historic art movements where it meets the Persian grandeur and still keeps you grounded in the nation’s essence.

Every ensemble here is a masterpiece, reciting the poetry of the bygone era and each hue plucked from the canvases of historic art of nature. Designers minds at their best, days of hardwork, enchanting Golden Piping, an array of base colors inspired by nature, the Vintage Tree motifs, using lush details from the eclectic design all composed together like poetry and Thousands and Thousands of stitches of intricate Golden Metallic thread embroidery, everything in a single frame brings you an experience of a lifetime.

Sumptuously designed, this Bagh-e-Bahar masterpiece is a design classic and the perfect gift, both to yourself as well as to others seeking to de-stress and explore their creative self.

Bagh-e-Bahar is not a piece of cushion, its A MASTERPIECE of ART..!


12"x20" inches (30×50 Cms)


Olive Green

Choose Set

1 Piece, Set of 2


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