Soft Furnishings are incomplete without the COLORFUL KATTRAN CUSHIONS kept on your sofa, couch, Beds etc. Cushions surely play a significant role in shaping a space that can easily change the feel, look and personality of your Abode. These 4 Shades of Blue cushions can be kept Alone or can be kept in assorted way mixing and matching with Rectangular or Round Pillows of any size accordingly on your sofas, couches, seats, beds etc..


Colors are synonyms with Emotions. So is the BLUE color, which is a symbol of Serenity, Relaxing, Freshness, Restfulness, Healing and according to Vaastu this is a favorable color which gives a Calm Pleasing feeling. Also researchers have shown that brain releases certain chemicals when it come across Blue and these chemicals have proportional effect on one’s mood plus it provide sense of patience and wisdom. You can also use the color blue to cool down a hot, sunny room. So here ROYAL DECOFURNISHING presents BRIGHT & APPEALING 4 Shades of BLUE cushion covers set which will certainly add elegance, brightness, cozy feel to the interiors and will not just update your space from traditional to trendy but will also make your good emotions soar high, no matter whichever place they are kept


12"x18" inches (30×45 Cms), 12"x20" inches (30×50 Cms), 12"x24" inches (30×60 Cms), 12"x30" inches (30×75 Cms)



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