Curated from the heritage city of Banaras, as luxurious as it seems, Khin-Khwabeeda is an ancient heavy Indian brocade art of weaving ornate cloth with Gold, Silver or silk yams. With Khin-Khwabeeda we try to blend some peculiar believes with the traditional and ancient art of weaving and preserving our heritage and culture. We want to ensure that we are taking forward our traditional art with a modern twist to our blossoming generation with an innovation by keeping its rich and royal look intact.


(They are not just a Cushions, they are pieces of Art created.)

The weave produces beautiful floral designs and patterns that appear embroidered on the surface of the fabric. The silk fabrics have colored silk or gold threads interwoven to form the most attractive designs and produced mostly in the city of Banaras.


” The art has a flavor of Arab-Persian culture in it. The fabric is nearly thick because of its metallic yarns and patterns but some fine qualities were also there, especially for wealthy people. Most of the patterns were floral, nature inspired such as plants such as the poppy, and pine tree, etc.

The Beauty, Creativity and Art Work of these pieces even makes them a perfect Gift for your Loved ones on occasions like House Warming, Anniversary, Weddings, Festivals, Birthdays etc .

So Buy Now & Explore the Real Secret to making your home an Elegant Showplace in Daily & Occasional Decors with our Khin-Khwabeeda Cushions


12"x12" inches (30×30 Cms), 12"x18" inches (30×45 Cms), 12"x20" inches (30×50 Cms), 12"x24" inches (30×60 Cms), 12"x30" inches (30×75 Cms), 16" inches Diameter (ROUND), 16"x16" inches (40×40 Cms), 20" inches Diameter (ROUND), 20"x20" inches (50×50 Cms), 24"x24" inches (60×60 Cms)


Orange, Pink, Rust

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