The Royalty Circle – MANDALA BEGUM

“MANDALA” is a geometric configuration of symbols especially “Circle”.  The circular design symbolizes the idea that Life is never ending & everything is connected.

BEGUM” on the other hand represents Royalty. It is feminine equivalent of the title- “The Higher Official”.

MANDALA BEGUM” is an essence that is a reflection of Royalty & Aristocracy which remarks eternity, oneness, wholeness, inclusion, unity and all of nature.

So Romance with Royalty in your Daily & Occasional Decors with our wide range of colors and Sizes  of Royal Mandala Begum Cushion Covers!

Cushions surely play a significant role in shaping a space that can easily change the feel, look and personality of your Abode. Cushion Covers play a huge role in the living room, bedroom, drawing room or wherever they are kept. It adds utility and beauty to desired place. They are one of the best and most convenient way to add that extra oomph to your space..


12"x18" inches (30×45 Cms), 12"x20" inches (30×50 Cms), 12"x24" inches (30×60 Cms), 12"x30" inches (30×75 Cms)

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  1. Myhome_my garden

    “My stress free space: my living room” 💚💖💚💖.
    Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you 💕love

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