Mandala is a classical Sanskrit word that means circle. It is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness.

Mandala is one of humankind’s most ancient art forms. With the circle as its base, it reflects eternity, oneness, wholeness, inclusion, unity and all of nature: the sun, the moon, the eye, the birds nest and all things in this Earth with circular geometric patterns like the flowers, the rings of a tree, and even our social circles. Circles in mandala also indicate a new beginning or initiation. Most importantly, Dr. Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, was a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of mandala. Mandala is thought to symbolize the mind and body connection and to represent new age concepts such as that everything in the universe in intertwined and connected on a cosmic level.

Why are these Bolsters loved?
These gorgeous Mandala bolsters feature a lovely and calming Mandala design. This design in textiles, when added to home decor provides royal aura, impressing all the guests, and members of the family. People are using it mostly because it enhances interiors and makes decor cozy and comfortable. Mandala cushions bring harmony and balances to the body and spirit and also make you feel likea happy soul floating in the soft folds of freedom.

Nevertheless, our Mandala Bolsters available in myriad colors with chaotic combinations of lines, curves and circles are great for spicing up your home decor or brightening up your living space.

So Buy Now and bring that soulful difference to your decor and get Flooded with the Compliments from your Guests.


24"x9" inches (60×23 Cms)

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