Soft Furnishings are incomplete without the COLORFUL RANGREZ KATTRAN CUSHIONS kept on your sofa, couch, Beds etc. Cushions surely play a significant role in shaping a space that can easily change the feel, look and personality of your Abode. These 4 Shades of Designer cushions can be kept Alone or can be kept in assorted way mixing and matching with Rectangular or Round Pillows of any size accordingly on your sofas, couches, seats, beds etc..


 Since the time, clothes were made and used, man uses his imagination and creativity in making new fabric designs. One such example of his thirst or innovation is “Patchwork/ Kattran”

“Katran” means small pieces or cut pieces of fabric. Kattran or “cut piece work” is a form of an art where small pieces in various colors, shapes, sizes and textures are carefully cut and each piece is joined together by our stitching artists.

The Head Turner Collection

The patchwork look is one that makes head turns. It is a trend that gives freedom to the designers and helps the buyer make a fashion statement. From a variety of colours to several fabrics at once or from combination of bright and dull colours to amalgamation of different prints, patchwork is in vogue and is likely to make it over and over again to the home decor. Our effort has been to use the fabric in an innovative way to create a collection of contemporary and traditional designs that are sustainable and beautiful, having a high perceived value and a Glocal (Global + Local) appeal.

The Making – with Soulful Stitching

Our artists manually gather cut pieces of fabric. Working on one piece at a time, each piece is meticulously sewn to the other creating beautiful designs and patterns which can land you back to an ancient era as old as 5500 years ago.

After the designs are finalized, the structure is the first step, and then we decide the color palette and patterns, organize and sort the material, and then the weaving takes place. Each unique patchwork design has been lovingly crafted to bring your home to life with colour, texture and the spirit of India. Cutting pieces of fabric, feeling different textures, arranging various colors, sewing the cut pieces in blocks, putting the blocks together into still larger blocks will give sensual and satisfying experience to the sewer. The seams are double stitched to provide Strength to the entire pattern. Apart from that we provide Fabric Lining and Interlocking on all the 4 sides to give long lasting Durability to the product. It is a proof of their creativity.

Design Inspiration

As for the pattern, our designers and weavers work hard with their full zeast, imagination and creativity which might appear as unmatched pieces of fabric in initial stages, but in reality a lot of thought goes into assembling different pieces of fabric and turning them into an elegant garb, which is styled to look that way. There are so many patterns you can do, such as chessboard, chataai weave, diamond, triangles, parallels, squares and rectangles of different sizes. We Design what you Love. On the whole, the effort seems to do something that is grounded, crafted, local and Indian.

Current Day Scenario

Patch-working has gone a long way from what it was centuries ago. It has become one of the most popular past times because it brings together practicality and creativity, one combination which works for a lot of people.In contemporary times, while patchwork based clothing is quite fashionable in other countries, in India too there has been a very curious and interesting marriage of ancient craft with modern designs and fabrics. From using random designs on cushions, table runners, bed runners or table clothes patchwork is used to the fullest. In the 21st century patchwork continues to be referenced, particularly when designers want to create a  hand-crafted feel. Patchwork remains a perennial favourite, regularly appearing in different designers’ collections.


Our Katran Collection is available in various patterns and colours which has been carefully catalogued by us. We also give our customers the possibility to customize according to their taste and requirements in different sizes and colours.

So BUY NOW and feel the difference as people Compliment.



16"x16" inches (40×40 Cms), 20"x20" inches (50×50 Cms), 24"x24" inches (60×60 Cms)



Set Carries

1 Piece


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